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Two years ago, Susan Deliss was invited to rummage in a textile dealer friend's spare bedroom, where 18th century silks and Italian brocade velvets were bursting from cupboards and drawers. Among the cosmopolitan mix, a scrappy Indonesian batik fragment caught Susan's eye and inspired her to create her new print, JAVA.  Susan worked and reworked the pattern many dozens of times until she had produced an original design that she was happy with and then worked intensively on the colours.  


The final result of this labour of love is JAVA, which Susan has designed in spice inspired colours printed on linen - turmeric, cardamon green, saffron and chili.  And indigo, a natural dye, found in so many places from Lyon to Tashkent to China.  Each colour way has the sophistication and richness of tone that characterise Susan's work.


JAVA is suitable for curtains, fabric walling, cushions and, if backed, for light upholstery.

JAVA in Saffron/Green Cardamon

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Trade price per yard: $135

    Retail price per yard: $270


    Composition: 100% Linen 

    Repeat: 10.8"

    Width approximately: 54"

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