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Susan Deliss absolutely loves a stripe and has many variants in her private collection, from antique silken Azerbaijani striped saddle cloths in sumptuous tones, to cruder but lovely wool stripes hand woven for domestic use in Anatolia, to indigo dyed cotton Persian jajims.


Stripes were relatively simple for someone to construct on a simple loom but, for Susan, the appeal of all these stripes are the colours, often richly toned vegetable dyes taken from locally available pigments that the weaver would combine in an original way.


Susan Deliss has followed in this tradition by creating her own combinations of colours for this beautiful Bursa stripe.


Bursa was the weaving capital of the Ottoman Empire, hence the name of this fabric.


Woven in England

Bursa Stripe in Kingfisher

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Trade price per yard: $165

    Retail price per yard: $330


    Composition: 63% Cotton 23% Viscose 8% Flax 6% Wool

    Repeat: N/A

    Width approximately 53.5"

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